A Look at the AR Trivia Game From CES 2015

Our booth at CES 2015 was a hotspot of activity for those wanting to check out our work with Epson’s Moverio Smart Glasses.

We partnered with our good friends at Way Too Digital to develop an augmented reality trivia game.  As we mentioned in a previous post, the booth was even visited by Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who scoped out the competition to his Glass by playing our game.

Now you can check out some video from the Vegas floor of the AR trivia game in action!

Augmented Reality at the Walls360 CES Open House

Not only did we have a booth at CES where we showed off our work with Epson’s Moverio Smart Glasses, we were also part of the 4th annual Walls360 Open House.  We once again got to work with our good buddies at Way Too Digital and unveiled an interactive AR air hockey game as well as a Virtual Fortune Teller.

We’ve got a lot of pics and plenty of video of all of our work in action.  Check it out and make sure to follow our Los Angeles mobile development shop on twitter to get LIVE updates as these events take place.
























































Adventures in AR at CES 2015

We’re back from Vegas, exhausted from the non-stop action of CES, but as excited as ever for the future of Neon Roots.  Our work with Epson and their Moverio Smart Glasses was a massive hit at the conference as visitors from around the world lined up at our booth to check out our exclusive AR games and innovative new apps.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin even stopped by to try on the glasses, play our custom games, and see how the competition to Google Glass stands up.  It’s was an amazing start to the year for our Los Angeles mobile development shop… but it’s only the beginning!



Why Communication is the Meat of a Company aka The Explicathon

The programmers are in San Francisco, Uruguay, Thailand, and Berlin. The CEO lives in Los Angeles. The products that fly from the fingertips of the talent are in cyberspace, available to the entire world. What do we call this at Neon Roots? Tuesday. But how do we keep everyone on the same page, working towards the same goals, even as the different teams are assigned different tasks, on different continents, in different time zones? Three words: communication, communication, communication.

There is no substitute for communication. If everyone is going to be as productive as they can be and need to interface with others over long distances in time and space, then the only way to overcome these natural barriers is by communicating. Whole technologies have been created just to make talking easier (thank you Skype), but there are times talking is not the most efficient means of conveying your thoughts. We’ve even got a name for it at Neon Roots: the explicathon.

Every week we do an overview of that week’s work, events, news, etc. At NR we call it “The Meat of the Matter”, in honor of our own coding butcher, Damian (And if you’ve never had a steak in Uruguay you might as well call yourself a vegetarian). Every week he goes over what has been accomplished, what is being worked on, what’s in the pipeline, and all marriages, births, soccer games, barbecues, ping pong tournaments, and jazz concerts of relevance. It has proven to be a great morale booster, as well as a useful updating tool for everyone who’s been too immersed in their own projects to know what’s going on around them. In short: communication! It’s the key to workflow, interfacing, and productivity, and we embrace it, squeeze it, and wrestle it to the ground every chance we get.

Now that the world has been filled up, the new injunction from Authority on High should no longer be to simply go forth and procreate. The New Directive, like the old one, is simple but hard: communicate!

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jurgenappelo/

CES 2015: Our Place in the Future of Augmented Reality

CES 2015: Our Place in the Future of Augmented Reality

For any tech company, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a premier event. This year’s CES will be no different, except that it will be bigger, more elaborate, and get more attention than ever. Two million people will go to the CES to see such things as:

- Smart Homes: Connected in ways that make their upkeep and maintenance automatic.

- Self-Parking Cars: BMW’s Valet system that will let you get out at the entrance while the car goes to find a parking place…and picks you up later wherever you want.

- The Internet of Things: Smart apps everywhere! From phablets to 4K TVs.

- Airdog: Drone + GoPro!

- Portable Robotic Printers

- Oculus VR: Augmented Reality Gaming!

This last one has particular interest for our mobile development shop at Neon Roots. AR Gaming is in its infancy, and we hope to bring it out of the cradle in the coming year. This has been in our wheelhouse for a couple of years now, and we’re anxious to start showing its potential. We believe that AR gaming is the future, and for us the future is now.

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