Putting Money Where Our Mouths Are: USKey and the Importance of Scholarship

Nothing excites us more at Neon Roots than big ideas.  We’re big idea people ourselves, always have been.  It’s what’s helped us become one of the premiere mobile/web development shops in Los Angeles.   But everyone has to start somewhere, and we’re proud that our successes have allowed us to reinvest in young, innovative entrepreneurs who find themselves exactly where we once were.  The minds behind USKey are definitely those entrepreneurs.

We helped sponsor this summer’s RECESS tour and presented the “Best Idea Not Yet Built” with a FREE Rootstrap session.  We basically looked at it as a 20K scholarship to help some rising tech stars that needed a boost to really get their product moving.   If we’re passionate about big ideas, we’re just as passionate about sharing our knowledge and resources and plan to continue to volunteer our time to projects we’re passionate about while extending a hand to those bright minds that are going to make a serious impact in the world of tech.

We were incredibly impressed with the women behind USKey and think you will be, too.  Check out the video to learn more about their product and how Rootstrap is helping it become a reality.

Ben: “Rootstrap is designed to help entrepreneurs and Product Owners flesh out their big idea, turn it into something that is feasible from an MVP standpoint, which means focusing on building the minimum versus the maximum.”
Delara: “USKey is a really unique way to deter laptop theft.”
Danee: “With theft on the rise, people need a better way to protect their computers.”
Delara: “It’s really easy to plug-in. You can walk away from your laptop and if someone tries to move it, it will sound an alarm and alert everyone that something is going on.”
Ben: “What the Rootstrap process entails is creating a roadmap or blueprint so Product Owners can focus on the important part of building their product. That’s where we come in and that’s where our scholarship really provides value to Product Owners in that we help them take something that conceptually might be possible and actually is possible into practice.”
Danee: “I think the deliverables that they gave us will be invaluable in moving forward. We definitely have everything we need to go out and develop a mobile application and a mobile web site and we’re ready to start fully fleshing out what our concept is going to be, busting out our MVP and then going out to a developer and actually getting this application and this website on the road.”
Ben: “Possibly the most important thing when working on a product is knowing that the passion by the Product Owners is there and exists and that they’re really determined to create something really valuable for the end user. This is something we want to move forward with and provide them with a really clear roadmap so they can go build their product.”

Neon Roots Overhauls Kin Community Website

At Neon Roots, we love working with innovators and game-changers.  That’s why we’re so happy to be able to help Kin Community relaunch their website with a new layout and design that would be both visually appealing and simple for their users to navigate.








If you’re unfamiliar with Kin Community, you should do yourself a favor and check them out at kincommunity.com.  Based in Santa Monica, Kin Community’s mission is to “make women feel connected, inspired and empowered through high-quality women’s lifestyle content.”  They do this through original lifestyle videos and Emmy award-winning scripted series that reach women in an honest, inspiring, and though-provoking way.

Kin Community has already become the number one women’s multi-channel network on YouTube, delivering high-quality content focused on health, food, parenting, beauty, and entertainment.  Through this hugely popular network of channels they’ve become a go-to for major brands to raise revenue through custom content.


























This has included teaming with Diet Pepsi for their “Share the Love” campaign during Valentine’s Day.  They produced a branded series with a trademark bubbly and light-hearted personality that was put in front of 9 million unique viewers through Kin Community’s YouTube network, social media, and blog presence.

They’ve also partnered with T-Mobile to raise awareness of new smartphone devices through their YouTube channels.  These videos showed the ease of using the new devices in everyday life and were able to reach over one million views in only two months.

























As Los Angeles web designers, we’re always looking to help startups build their online presence. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Techweek Wraps Up in Chicago, Comes to Los Angeles in November

Started in 2011, Techweek has become one of the country’s largest conferences to highlight new tech and startups.  According to the organization themselves, their mission is to “showcase, celebrate and enable emerging innovation ecosystems” by bringing together visionaries, entrepreneurs and thought leaders for a “week long celebration of all things tech.”  That’s a mission that any Los Angeles development shop should be able to get behind.

The conference began three years ago in Chicago but has since branched out to other major cities.  At the end of last month, however, they brought Techweek back to their home city.  So what did the Chicago conference unleash?

  • Hailo – Hailo is a cab-calling mobile app designed for users in Toronto, New York, Boston and of course, Chicago.
  • Yappem – Yappem is a review rewards system that allows you to evaluate a brand without being skewed by biased or fake reviews.  It’s bringing a social aspect to reviewing brands by building a trusted community.
  • WeDeliver – WeDeliver allows merchants to get instant quotes based on transport methods (walking, biking, vehicle).  Working with high-end shops in Chicago, WeDeliver intends to do for delivering what Uber has done for ride-sharing.

Techweek may have wrapped up in Chicago, but it’ll be coming right here to Los Angeles in November.  There’s a huge list of main stage topics that you can attend including speakers from IBM, Brightedge, Invested.In, Misfit Wearables, IGN, Wired Magazine, Myspace and many others.

There’s also a LAUNCH competition where 50 startups will compete for over 50K in cash prizes.  For those that like to mix their tech with a bit of flair there will be a FashionTECH runway show.  And if you’re looking for a career in tech there is also a massive Hiring Fair.

All in all, there are enough events, expos, workshops, and speakers to make it worth your while.  Get more info HERE and decide for yourself.

Photo Credit: http://techweek.com/

Neon Nine: Nine Questions with Neon Roots Deviantly Divine Developer Damian Cardozo

Our Los Angeles development shop would be nothing without the dedicated ladies and gentlemen putting in the work behind the scenes.  That’s why we’re back to shine a light on another Neon Roots team member.

Many of our development team live and work in Uruguay.  One of them is Damian Cardozo, known around the office as Charly.  The 25-year-old is a home grown resident of Montevideo and while he’s only been on the NR team for a little over six months, he’s already become an invaluable frontend developer.  In other words, he’s the man that makes things looks good.

Let’s get to the questions!

NR:  What has been your proudest moment at the company?
En la compania creo que mi mejor momento fue cuando solucione unos problemas de papeles con la oficina vieja, no es mi tarea habitual, pero soy bueno con las personas .
“At the company, I think solving some paper problems that we had at the older office. It’s not my usual task, but I’m good with people.”


NR:  What has been your proudest moment outside of the company?
Fuera de la compania mi mejor momento fue convertirme en padre.
“Outside the company, my proudest moment was becoming a father.”


NR: Are you married or have a significant other?  Who are they and what do they do?
Estoy casado si … o algo así. Y ademas tengo una hija, su nombre es Luna (Moon on English)
“I’m married, yes, or something like that. And I have a daughter.  Her name is Luna (Moon in English).”


NR:  What are your passion projects outside of Neon Roots?  What are you currently working on?
Ademas de mi trabajo en NR, me gusta boxear, pero el unico proyecto que me dedico con pasión ademas del Trabajo es mi hija.
“Apart from my work at NR, I like Boxing, but the only project that I dedicate with passion apart from my work is my daughter.”

NR: Do you have any hobbies that would surprise us?
No se.. juego go, juegos de rol, y soy un bajista realmente malo.
“I don’t know. I play Go, I play role games, and I’m a really bad bass player.”


NR:  Is there anything that you love that everyone else seems to hate?
La sensación de que comiste demasiado, ese momento en que la gula supero al estomago.
“The sensation that you have eaten too much, that moment when the gluttony exceeds the stomach.”


NR: If a 13-year-old version of yourself saw you today what would they say to you?
Probablemente se moriría de risa, yo seria mi propio enemigo.jejeje
“He probably would die laughing.  I would be my worst enemy. jejeje.”


NR: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
Hay solo dos maneras de hacer las cosas: bien y … bien.
“There are only two ways to do things: The right way… and the right way.”


NR:  What song would you play for a week straight to torture someone?
DC:  Una cancion para torturar a alguien … hay muchas pero creo que algo loco como esto
“A song to torture someone…. there is a lot, but I think it will be something crazy like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3jFTzhdZF4.”


Giving Made Easy Through the ‘Share Your Share’ App Now at iTunes

At Neon Roots, we’re Los Angeles mobile app developers.  That gives us the opportunity to work on a lot of different apps that look to solve a lot of different problems.  Usually those problems are fairly specific and sometimes they simply exist to solve the worldwide pandemic of mass boredom.  Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that technology can make a difference, that it can be a catalyst for change and a channel for good deeds.  That’s what the Share Your Share app is all about.

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
- Maya Angelou

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
- Winston Churchill

The mission of Share Your Share is incredibly simple, but it’s also incredibly important: help people donate to charity.  This nonprofit organization is doing that through an online platform that allows anyone to donate to multiple charities from a single location.  It’s being made even simpler by allowing users to donate from a mobile device.

It’s bringing philanthropy to a wider audience and changing how people think about giving.  Charity doesn’t have to just come from the wealthy cutting big checks once a year.  It can occur on a smaller, more frequent scale.  The Share Your Share app brings a social element to giving.  Not only can you give, you can let your friends know the important causes you support, and maybe they’ll be inspired to jump on board, too.  You’re doing your own part to make the world a better place, on a degree that works for you.

The Share Your Share app is now available for FREE and can be downloaded through iTunes.  You can check it out HERE.

Those that have used the app already have great things to say:

“I love this app! What a great way to pay it forward. This is an Eco friendly and sustainable means to share your “care” for one another and our beautiful planet!”

“Great app! I have been looking for a way to do micro donations to my favorite charities! This is brilliant! And super fun!”

“Great app! Very user friendly and great for becoming part of the philanthropic community.”

The charities that you can support through the app have all been handpicked and highly-rated by third-party charity evaluators.

Current charities include:

Share Your Share is always looking for other worthy causes and want to hear about charities that you believe should be included.

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