Salesforce Unveils App Cloud For Software Development

Doug Mallette

Doug Mallette

SEO Marketer / Copywriter for Neon Roots

Our partnership with Salesforce goes back years. We respect them as a giant in the field of cloud computing, and they’ve always respected us as a rising star in the world of mobile app development. With the launch of App Cloud we are seeing them take another game-changing leap forward as they work to bridge vastly different software development environments.

Earlier this month they announced that users will now be able to build applications using both Heroku as well as Saleforce’s internal Force service in full synchronization. Many wondered what Salesforce’s plan was when the purchased Heroku for $212 million five years ago, and now their plan is becoming clear.

Working together Heroku and Force will allow developers to pick the service they need to build apps and utilize the strengths of each. In an interview with Fortune, executive vice president of App Cloud Tod Nielsen said, ““Enterprise customers want agility and features found in Heroku but the problem is they don’t trust the public internet, while they trust Salesforce.”

While some have remained confused as to why Salesforce needed two entirely different development environments under one umbrella, the App Cloud announcement makes sense of the bigger picture. For the full customization that consumers demand they need both approaches – the completely proprietary nature of Force which allows Salesforce to fully optimize and secure it as well as the open-source software of Heroku that allows for better integration.

According to Salesforce, App Cloud offers “Everything You Need For App Building.” From their site:

App Cloud enables our customers to quickly build the apps they need, in the way they want. Any builder can leverage our Lightning user experience point-and-click tools to create custom employee apps for any role and department. Every app is instantly mobile and social. Plus, there are pre-integrated, pre-vetted, and customizable grab-and-go apps available through the AppExchange.

Developers get a whole new coding experience using all the same technologies every consumer startup uses. Think open source languages, build packs and add ons, and robust microservices. Devs can focus on coding amazing apps, rather than setting up and managing databases, deployment, scalability, and configuration.