A Gnarly Nostalgia Necessity: Star In A 90s TV Intro With The Sitcomd App

Doug Mallette

Doug Mallette

SEO Marketer / Copywriter for Neon Roots

The Sitcomd App is now available for FREE on iTunes. The latest partnership between Neon Roots and 99centbrains Inc. allows users to create their own 90s style sitcom intro using their own videos, photos, and credits.

According to the official Sitcomd description:

Ever dream of starring in your own 90s Sitcom intro?
Now you can!

Rewind the VHS and flash back to the days of pink hair and overalls with the Sitcomd App.
#Sitcomd is the easiest and quickest way to shoot your own retro tv intro.

* Capture funny glamour shots of your friends
* Name your cast
* Choose your show style
* Publish and go Viral!

Share your vids with your friends and hashtag #Sitcomd




The tongue-in-cheek nature of sitcomming (Is that a word?) modern shows has proved to be viral wildfire, getting millions of views and taking us back to a simpler time where upbeat music and out of context clips were all we needed to get excited about a show.

There’s Breaking Bad,

Game Of Thrones,

and, of course, The Walking Dead.

Sitcomd Is The True Throwback Thursday

Now you can get in on the action.

Download it today at iTunes or visit the official Sitcom’d Site or Twitter.